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New! Serial Number Specific Product Videos on Hugo's Website

Here at Hugo's we understand how important manufacturer specs,  product reviews, user opinions, and looks are when picking out your next musical instrument.  However, shouldn't the sound of the individual instrument be the most important thing?  Especially seeing as you are going to own this instrument not "Guitar World", dude673 on "Google" or you best friend.  To help both our local customers looking to get a head start on narrowing down our extensive selection and our nationwide on-line customers who are unable to visit our storefront we are adding "Serial Number Specific" product videos to our product listings.

This is a time consuming process, so if the product your are interested in has not had a "Serial Number Specific" product video added yet please contact us and we will put your request at the front of the line.

We hope this helps in the search for your next instrument...