Since 1857, HOHNER has been crafting the highest quality musical instruments in the World.  For over 150 years it has been HOHNER's declared mission to bring the joy of music making to people all over the world, to provide them with the best possible instruments so that they can discover their own musical creativity and experience the emotional and communicative power of music for  themselves.
We are proud to be your Factory Authorized Full Line Hohner Dealer.  If you are able to visit our store, we look forward to seeing you soon.  if you are not able to visit in person please feel free to shop for your next Hohner product directly from our website or call and consult with one of our experts.
Hohner 3100 Panther Diatonic Button Accordion
Regular Price: $599.00
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Hohner 64 Chromonica Harmonica; 280
Price: $299.99
In stock
Hohner Accordion Road Kit
Price: $119.99
In stock
Hohner Accordion Straps
Price: $79.99
In stock
Hohner C12 Harmonica Case
Price: $49.99
In stock
Hohner COB 5-Blues Harp Set
Price: $189.99
In stock
Hohner Discovery 48 Chromatic Harmonica
Price: $179.99
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Hohner GVP Guitar Value Package
Price: $19.99
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Hohner HB6 Harmonica Belt
Price: $24.99
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Hohner HH01 10-Hole Harmonica Holder
Price: $13.99
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